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Fri Aug 29 2014 08:14 AM Boards by Ndbbm

So topic of discussion. I've seen people using boards and bands on non primary movements. Examples close grips to a 4 board, banded rows or similar things. Now I tend to believe that bands and boards are for two things. Either you're in a bench shirt and working on getting the bar to your chest/warming up. Or you want to work a rest day in without it being entirely considered a rest day. So why than would you do exercises such as a 4 boarded close grip other than to be able to put a lot of weight on the bar.

106 Views · 9 Comments
Sun Aug 10 2014 10:43 PM Classic Lifting Videos by Eric

Polish Weightlifting - 10 Part Series

154 Views · 3 Comments
Sun Aug 10 2014 04:33 PM Backoff sets in the deadlift by Ethan

As a lot of you guys know, my deadlift sucks bad. 355 was my last deadlift PR and 345 was my last squat PR.

I feel like I need to deadlift more often. My deadlift training goes in three waves:

Wave 1 is four weeks at 3x5
Wave 2 is four weeks at 3x3
Wave 3 is four weeks at 5x1 (usually I knock out as many of these reps as I can in one set then finish with the singles I have left.)

My squat training is the same except it goes 3x8, 3x5, 3x3. I dropped the reps on the deadlift to focus on technique.

My workouts look like this:

Reverse lunge
Pull up

Bench press
Klokov press (right now)
Barbell row

Good Morning
Kroc Row

So to add more volume, how should I go about it? Backoff sets on the deadlift? An extra deadlift day?

Here's what I've come up with as far as options so far.

1) Backoff deadlift sets
2) Change the program to something like 5x5, 5x3, 10x1.
3) Use the squat template (don't like the sets of 8 but it won't kill me)
4) Run 2 deadlift days and 2 squat days per week (2 main lifts per session, squat+bench and probably deadlift+overhead) like a push-pull-squat layout.

266 Views · 13 Comments
Fri Aug 01 2014 11:41 AM Behind the scenes... by Munch

to the biggest fight for women's MMA in Asia that never happened.

Long read but a good one. About the extreme's of a weight cut.

143 Views · 3 Comments
Wed Jul 30 2014 06:18 PM Fascia in Modern Medicine by Marius

On the scientific side of things, the field of fascia research has grown considerably in recent years, though it lacks the coherence of other, more established areas of physiological investigation. For decades, anatomical dissections and representations have presented the body as stripped of its fascial tissues, and the majority of physiology textbooks make little mention of it. "Most scientists," says Wallace Sampson, alternative medicine skeptic and professor emeritus at Stanford University, "even those wary of alternative therapies, admit that the field of fascia research is a field of neglect, and remains sorely under-investigated."

144 Views · 2 Comments
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