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by stenn
Sat Sep 13 2014 06:59 PM
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by lifterg
Wed Sep 03 2014 09:43 AM
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Sat Sep 13 2014 06:59 PM Squat Stands by stenn

I had what I thought were perfectly good squat stands made in the USA right here in Houston, Texas by ProMaxima. They served me well even though I left them at my local gym for anyone to use - until recently, that is. I arrived at the gym one evening to find one of the bases of my squat stands bent badly and the other bent slightly. I might be able to get someone to fix the stands, but I'm considering my options in the mean time.

I'm talking squat stands here. That is, two independent stands, adjustable for height, capable of supporting 300kg together, preferably with wheels to make them easy to scoot around.

A cursory glance around Google reveals that the best and most durable squat stands seem to come from Australia and New Zealand while the dozens of stands made in the USA mostly suck due to poor design, excessive complexity, or lightweight materials. WTF?

Here's one of the Australian stands I'd order if I didn't have to have it shipped internationally. It's made by a foreign company called, of all things, Force USA.

Does anyone know of quality squat stands that one can order in the good 'ol USA that will endure the abuse of a commercial gym environment where a blessed few are 2x to 3x stronger than myself?

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Sun Sep 07 2014 01:44 PM TUF 20 by Eric

The Ultimate Fighter: A Champion Will Be Crowned (also known as The Ultimate Fighter 20) is the upcoming twentieth installment of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)-produced reality television series The Ultimate Fighter. This season will feature all female fighters and will be used to determine the first Women's Strawweight champion for the UFC.

The series was officially announced by the UFC in December 2013.[1] The coaches were announced in February 2014 after Gilbert Melendez re-signed with the UFC and stated he would coach opposite the current UFC Lightweight champion, Anthony Pettis. This move drew criticism from MMA critics and fans, as some felt it was establishing a significant delay in Pettis' first title defense.

This season will air on Fox Sports 1

180 Views · 22 Comments
Wed Sep 03 2014 09:43 AM DAMN good article by lifterg

I very seldom enjoy or agree with much written by (or about) Riptoe.
His fanboys annoy the hell out of me.
In the day I have worked in a D1 program and had a bunch of pro football and D! college teams as clients.
I hate to say I agree with him, but everyone who lifts should read this article. I have to admit this is bang tf on.

355 Views · 20 Comments
Fri Aug 29 2014 08:14 AM Boards by Ndbbm

So topic of discussion. I've seen people using boards and bands on non primary movements. Examples close grips to a 4 board, banded rows or similar things. Now I tend to believe that bands and boards are for two things. Either you're in a bench shirt and working on getting the bar to your chest/warming up. Or you want to work a rest day in without it being entirely considered a rest day. So why than would you do exercises such as a 4 boarded close grip other than to be able to put a lot of weight on the bar.

219 Views · 9 Comments
Sun Aug 10 2014 10:43 PM Classic Lifting Videos by Eric

Polish Weightlifting - 10 Part Series

206 Views · 3 Comments
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